We understand there are big differences in the fluids you need to drain—and our drainage solutions offer the materials you demand for each specific drainage challenge.

Dedicated to matching your specific application and drainage material needs, our products provide single-source drainage solutions for commercial structures, food processing, marine industries, and much more.

If you need it to perform as a system make sure it’s engineered as a system.

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A Material Difference in Drainage System Benefits

By offering a wide range of materials—and drawing on material- and application-specific expertise—we can help you find the best solution for your project. For example:

Reliable cast—Watts specification drainage products are engineered with cast iron and designed to reduce installation time and labor.

Hygienic stainless—Blücher stainless steel pipes, drains, and channels combine corrosion and pressure resistance, light weight, and hygienic properties. 

Innovation and expertiseThe Watts family of brands is backed by more than 140 years of engineering and manufacturing excellence. The Watts system solutions approach to your latest drainage challenges provides a single-source service provider for drainage innovation.

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Select the material- and application-focused system that will keep things flowing for you.



Watts engineered drainage products are ideal for applications ranging from specification drains, interceptors, cleanouts, hydrants, and specialty products—for commercial and industrial structures.

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BLÜCHER stainless steel systems are used in drainage applications ranging from the food and beverage industries to biotech and pharmaceutical, from hospitals to sanitary discharge for the marine industry.

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