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Whether you’re retrofitting, expanding, or building a new data center, Watts intelligent next-gen water management technologies can help you protect against water-based hardware damage while reducing your facility’s water consumption and decreasing your operational costs.

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Solutions for Data Center Cooling Systems

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Watts Data Center Water System Solutions can help keep your data centers running strong–without sacrificing the PUE value.



Reduce the risk of water leakage and guarantee the safe operation of IT equipment


Guarantee 24h uninterrupted functionality


Maintain proper equipment operation with precise, constantly controlled temperature and humidity


Low resistance paired with highly efficient valve design reduces operating energy consumption of air conditioning systems 

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A timely response makes all the difference when it comes to normal operation of your data center

Our Solutions


Energy Side System

Refrigeration units and pumps are the core of air conditioning systems in terms of their great energy losses in the data center. The focuses include how to reduce the installation space, avoid damage to the system equipment caused by water hammer, prevent overcurrent phenomena, etc.

  1. Dynamic flow balancing valve
  2. Rubber soft joint
  3. Water drain valve
  4. Electric butterfly valve
  5. Manual butterfly valve

  1. Manual butterfly valve
  2. Angle rectification strainer
  3. Rubber soft joint
  4. Backflow preventer
  5. Y strainer
  6. Constant flow multi-function valve


Natural Cooling System

In winters and even springs and autumns in the central and northern parts of China, a large amount of cold is contained in outdoor air. Therefore, in these seasons, the natural cooling capacity may be switched by the electric valve to cool the data center machine room and the equipment to save energy and reduce consumption.

  1. Manual butterfly valve
  2. Rubber soft joint
  3. Y strainer
  4. Electric butterfly valve


Computer Room Air Handler System

Precision air conditioning systems are important for buildings where equipment are concentrated in the data center. Main concerns for these centers include accuracy, stability, and installation space.

  1. Electric control valve
  2. Differential pressure balancing valve
  3. Static balancing valve
  4. Pressure independent control valve
  5. AHU

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Product Image - Worm Wheel Flanged Midline Butterfly Valve - W-W1211-G

Butterfly Valves

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Balancing Valves

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Control Valves

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Product Image - Rubber Flap Swing Check Valve - W-H44X-16Q

Check Valves

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Backflow Preventers

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