Additional Terms for Users in the People's Republic of China

Additional Terms for Users in the People's Republic of China 

Version 1.2,Modified on March 8, 2022. Thank you for choosing our services. 

In addition to the Terms of Use (the “Terms of Use”) and the Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”), these Additional Terms (these “Additional Terms”) apply to the users who accept all Services from Watts (including services you can receive through computing devices, mobile terminals or other devices, together these “Services” ) in the territory of the PRC (the “PRC users” or “you” ). “PRC” refers to the People’s Republic of China, and for the purposes of these Additional Terms, does not include Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region or Taiwan.
Please read the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy and these Additional Terms carefully before you start to use these Services. Our Services are offered and made available to the PRC users who are over 18 years of age and are with full civil capacity under the PRC laws. If you fail to meet the aforesaid criteria, you must not access or use our Services.
Capitalized terms used in these Additional Terms shall have the meanings defined herein; or if not defined herein, as defined in the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.
In the event of any conflicts between these Additional Terms and either the Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy, the terms of these Additional Terms shall prevail.

1. Scope of Personal Information as Applied to PRC Users
“Personal Information” refers to all kinds of information related to identified or identifiable natural persons recorded by electronic or otherwise, excluding anonymized information. “Personal Information” includes the natural persons' names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. “Sensitive Personal Information”refers to the personal information that may likely to result in damage to the personality and dignity of any natural person or damage to his or her personal or property safety once leaked or illegally used, including but not limited to biometric information, religious belief, specific identity, medical care and health, financial account and whereabouts and tracks, as well as the personal information of minors under the age of 14.

2. Watts’ Collection and Use of Personal Information
We deeply respect your personal information rights and privacy. The processing of your Personal Information includes the collection, storage, use, processing, transmission, provision, sharing, disclosure, deletion, etc.. In processing your Personal Information, we will follow the principle of lawfulness, legitimacy and necessity in accordance with applicable PRC laws. You may find the scenarios, types, scope, purposes and methods of collecting and using Personal Information in Section 4 to Section 7 of the Privacy Policy.  

At this stage, these Services will not collect any more information than is necessary. However, to improve product quality and optimize the user experience in the future, we may collect other Personal Information of you after fully informing you and obtaining your consent. Please keep alerted to the updates of the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy and these Additional Terms. 

3. Entrusted Processing, Share, Transfer and Disclosure of Personal Information
We will not share, transfer or disclose your Personal Information to any other companies, organizations or individuals, unless we have obtained your explicit consent or authorization or as otherwise permitted under the law.
(1) Entrusted processing: Certain specific modules or functions provided in these Services (such as data storage, analysis, initial processing, etc.) may be provided by our business partners. As for companies, organizations and individuals who we entrust the processing of personal information, we will reach an agreement with them on the processing purposes, period, methods, types of personal information, requesting them to  sign confidentiality clauses and process your Personal Information in accordance with the Privacy Policy, these Additional Terms and any other relevant confidentiality and security measures.

(2) Sharing: We will not disclose your Personal Information to any other third parties without your prior consent. You may find the types, scope, purposes and methods of sharing your Personal Information in Section 8 to Section 9 of the Privacy Policy. You may contact us via the contact information found in Section 8 of these Additional terms to obtain the detailed list of the recipients of your Personal Information. If the sharing involves Sensitive Personal Information, we will obtain your separate consent according to the laws and regulations.

(3) Transfer: We do not and will not sell your Personal Information. We will not transfer your Personal Information to any other companies, organizations or individuals, unless:
(a) Under the conditions established by applicable laws, we will transfer your Personal Information to the recipients designated by you per your instruction via transferring channels designated by us. 
(b) If we need to transfer your Personal Information as a result of  any business/asset transfer, restructuring, disposal (including asset securitization), merger, division, dissolution, declaration bankruptcy or other similar circumstances, we will: (i) inform you the name and contact information of the recipient; (ii) require the company, organization or individual who keeps your Personal Information to continuously abide by this policy; if the aforesaid is not achievable, we will require the company, organization or individual to seek your renewed consent; (iii) if there is no party to transfer your personal information to post-bankruptcy,  we will delete your Personal Information. 

(4) Disclosure: We will not disclose your Personal Information, except where the disclosure of such information is explicitly prescribed by the laws and regulations or as required by regulatory authorities. When disclosure is necessary, we will inform you the purposes and types of Personal Information for disclosure; if Sensitive Personal Information is involved, we will obtain your separate consent.

In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and within a reasonable scope, we may share and disclose your Personal Information without consent under the following circumstances:
(1) necessary to our performance of statutory duties or obligations;
(2) directly related to national security or national defense security;
(3) directly related to public security, public health or significant public interests;
(4) directly related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial or judicial enforcement;
(5) necessary for protecting the life, property or other major lawful rights and interests of you or other individuals, where it is difficult to obtain your consent;
(6) such Personal Information is disclosed voluntarily by yourself;
(7) your Personal Information is collected from legitimate public channels, such as news reports or information disclosure by governments, etc.;
(8) necessary for entering into and performing a contract to which you are a party upon your request; or
(9) according to laws and regulations, or  per the requirements of regulatory authorities or  other competent authorities.

4. Storage, Deletion and Protection of Personal Information
Watts will take reasonable and necessary technical measures (such as the secured transmission and encryption) to ensure the security of your Personal Information. Additional protections will be applied if Sensitive Personal Information is involved. You may find how we protect your Personal Information in Section 11 of the Privacy Policy.
We only retain your Personal Information for the purposes described in the Privacy Policy and these Additional Terms for a reasonable and necessary period, or for a period no longer than what is prescribed by laws and regulations. Upon expiration of the retention period, we will delete or anonymize your Personal Information, except for where it is technically difficult to do so.
In the event of any unintended disclosure or loss of Personal Information, we will inform you as soon as possible and report to the relevant authorities in accordance with the PRC laws and regulation.

5. Cross-border Transfer of Personal Information
We provide products or services around the world, which means, within your authorized consent or as specifically allowed by laws or regulations, your Personal Information may be transferred to or accessed from the jurisdictions outside the countries/regions where you have originally received our products or services.
If any part of our Services involves cross-border data processing, we will provide your Personal Information to overseas recipient in the manner prescribed by laws and regulations. We will inform you the name and contact information of the recipient, purposes and methods of processing, types of Personal Information, as well methods and procedures to exercise your information rights provided by laws and regulations against the recipient, and obtain your separate consent in accordance with the laws. You may contact us via the contact information found in Section 8 of these Additional Terms to obtain the detailed list of the recipient of the cross- border transmission.
Such jurisdictions may have different data protection laws or even no relevant laws. In such cases, we will ensure that your Personal Information is adequately protected as if within the territory of the People's Republic of China. And we will  take reasonable security measures, including encrypted storage and the formulation of data security management policies, to protect your Personal Information.

6. How to Exercise Your Personal Information Rights 
You have the right to request access to the Personal Information held by us, as well as to demand correction or deletion of such Personal Information. Besides, you are entitled to withdraw your consent for the using of your Personal Information, and to obtain a copy of your Personal Information.
(1) Right to Access: You may request the information we have collected from and about you over the past 12 months including: (a) the categories of Personal Information we have collected; (b) the sources from which the Personal Information is collected; (c) the business or commercial purposes for collecting your Personal Information; (d) the categories of third parties with whom we have shared your Personal Information; (e) the specific species of Personal Information we have collected about you and (f) the categories of Personal Information we disclosed for a business purpose.
(2) Right to Correct: You may request that we make corrections to the Personal Information we may have about you.
(3) Right to Withdraw Consent: You may opt-out of receiving "commercial electronic messages (CEMs), which includes text messages, e-mail messages, etc., and withdraw your consent to our continued use of your Personal Information for that purpose. This will remove you from all marketing lists. However, we will assume you have not opted out or withdrawn your consent as long as you continue to use those Services. In that case, we will continue displaying our Services and its contents to you.
(4) Right to Delete: You may request that we delete any Personal Information we have about you. This will include deletion of all account information you may have provided and such deletion may affect the Services we offer.
(5) Right to Obtain a Copy of Personal Information: You have the right to require a copy of your own Personal Information.
To make a request to exercise your rights mentioned above, you should contact us via the contact method provided in Section 8 of these Additional Terms. For security purposes, you may have to provide written materials or to prove your identity in other reasonable way. We may require you to authenticate your identity before processing your relevant request. ¬We will respond to your request within a reasonable time.

7. Account Registration, Use and Termination
To access certain parts of our Services, you may be asked to create an account and to provide certain registration details or other information in the registration process, including your name, email address, phone number and address, among others. You shall use your account in accordance with the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. 
You have the right to terminate your account at any time. Provided that all payments have been settled, you may contact us to terminate your account through the contact method provided in Section 8 of these Additional Terms. We will check the status of the account and terminate it for you within a reasonable time. Upon the termination of your account, we will cease collecting and processing your Personal Information, and delete or irreversibly de-identify your Personal Information. 

8. Contact Information
To ask questions or comments about the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and these Additional Terms, please contact us at:

By Email:
By Phone: 400-070-8760
By Mail: Watts Water Technologies, Inc. – Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa
Attention: Legal Department - Privacy Policy
Room 01-02 & 04-06, 26th Floor, the Crest
500 West Yan’an Road
Shanghai 200050, China

9. Language
These Additional Terms are written in both Chinese and English. The English version is for reference only, and the Chinese version shall prevail in the event of any inconsistency between the two versions.